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    "It is sometimes said that every person dies twice: the first time when he dies, and the second when he is... Read More

  • Origins

    Name origin. The name Bustraan is probably a corruption of "bûcheron," the French word for "woodsman" or... Read More

  • to Zeeland

    From Flanders. Operating on the assumption of a Flemish origin, why did Maljaert appear in Zeeland records in the... Read More

  • to America

    The Zeeland setting. As the 19th century Dutch economy became more connected to the broader Atlantic economy, the... Read More

  • RIH fiets

    Dutch? Bicycles? Bustraan? Two brothers, Joop and Willem Bustraan, started making RIH bicycles in Amsterdam in... Read More

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    Got photos? So far, there are three pages of photos. On these pages you can click the pictures to enlarge them. If... Read More

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    So how many Bustraans are there? Not many, it appears. The 1947 Dutch census found 69 instances of the surname... Read More

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    Family tree. Following is my compilation of the descendants of Maljaert Bustraan of Kapelle,... Read More

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    Database. At last count, there were 1,084 people in 363 families in my genealogical database. All of their... Read More

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    Acknowledgements. Genealogy is as much about people helping people as it is about keeping one's nose buried in... Read More