Cornelis Bustraan Family Pictures

Emigration to America. Cornelis Bustraan was the first to come to America. He and wife Jacoba brought six children to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1891.

Cornelis' children, circa 1905Adrian Bustraan's house, Grand Rapids




Grand Rapids. Cornelis prospered in Michigan. The formal portrait of his children shows them to be well-dressed solid citizens. Left to right in the foreground are Mary, Adrian, and Jennie. In the back are Peter, Anthony, and William. A few years later, Adrian is posed in front of his fine house, holding a horse. In the center of the picture is the matriarch of the family, his mother Jacoba. To the far left, Adrian’s wife Elizabeth is holding the hand of a little girl. Next to her is brother-in-law William, wearing the hat. Does anybody know who else is pictured here? Whose hand is Elizabeth holding? Could that be brother Tony leaning on the fence, wearing the bowler? And, what is “expressing”?

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